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Automatic WordPress Compression

Wordpress is the most popular CMS tool on the planet, so we took EZ Optimize one step further and created a plugin that will automatically compress all of the images on your WordPress site. You can use our plugin absolutely free for the first 30 days, after which you can choose a subscription plan that fits your business. Keeping your JPEG, GIF, SVG and PNG images optimized automatically will save you a ton of time and your users will reap the rewards of a faster loading site.

File Size

Go big or go home. We allow the largest file sizes of any image compressor on the market. Our Wordpress plugin optimizes images up to 100mb to decrease your site load times and give your users a better experience.


We have a robust backend setup with servers all over the world so our Wordpress Plugin outperforms our competitors in speed and compression quality. Every image is compressed quickly without sacrificing quality.


We love our users so we offer substantial discounts for year long subscriptions. Save big bucks on a 12 month subscription today.

Wordpress Plugin Installation

To automatically optimize your Wordpress images you must first install the EZOptimize Image Optimizer plugin into your Wordpress installation. You may install the plugin automatically by searching for "ezoptimize" in the "Add Plugins" page in your Wordpress Admin panel.

Click on "Install Now" to install the plugin into your Wordpress installation. Once the plugin has been installed click on "Activate" to enable the plugin and the menu link to the plugin. After activation a menu item will show up labeled "EZOptimize" where you can manage the plugin's settings and where you also enter in your API key found in your account.

Once the plugin has been activated any images uploaded to your Wordpress installtion will show up in the "Queue" list until you optimize them. You may also check the "New uploads will be optimized automatically" option to have your uploads automatically optimized once they have finished uploading to your Wordpress site. The history of all your optimized images will be shown as well. Happy optimizing!

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