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EZ Optimize will help you speed up your website

How quickly your site loads is an important part of optimizing your website's search ranking. One of the biggest score negatives in Google PageSpeed results are unoptimized assets. EZ Optimize helps you compress your image size without losing quality.

Compress Your Images

With EZ Optimize it's easy to compress your image size while keeping the same great quality as the original. Our engine is fine-tuned to reduce the size of your images without compromising quality. We support GIF, PNG, JPEG and JPG compression with additional image types coming soon.

Speed Up Your Website

A fast loading website can be a huge part of your success. User experience is paramount to every online business and images that aren't optimized are one of the easiest problems you can remedy. Your SEO ranking will thank you for having properly compressed images.

What is a JPEG?

The JPEG (or JPG) is one of the most commonly used image types on the internet or anywhere else. JPEG, which stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group (the group that created the standard by which the format is accepted), is a type of compression that makes images files smaller and much more manageable from their original raw size. This makes them easier to share in emails, texts, social media, computers, mobile devices, etc., than their original raw format. Even though they take up much less memory to store, they still generally maintain good quality for such a reduced size. JPEGs support a full spectrum of colors and since most image programs can open JPEG files, it makes the format one of the most popular to use on the internet. They are easily identifiable with a .jpeg or .jpg extension in their name.

What is a GIF?

GIF -- or Graphics Interchange Format -- is a popular old bitmap image format for simple web graphics. What makes it useful is the fast-loading small size, but that is due to its limit of 256 colors. It is recommended to limit its use to smaller graphics such as banners, charts, buttons, etc. It supports both animated and static images. They are identifiable with a .gif extension.

What is a PNG?

PNG, which stands for Portable Graphics Format, is the most popular form on uncompressed raster image used on the internet. This lossless format was developed as an upgrade to the popular GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) and share qualities such as the ability to display transparent backgrounds. It supports millions of colors. It is an ideal format for logos, charts, infographics, etc. It is a preferred format for using small files that keep the quality intact, but they are typically larger in size than a JPEG or a GIF. They are easily identifiable with a .png extension.