Optimize your images for SEO and Google Pagespeed

Automatic image optimization

EZOptimize will help you speed up your WordPress website, while keeping it visually appealing

It is a known fact that Google Page Speed is a ranking factor starting July 2018. One of the biggest score crashers in Google PageSpeed are unoptimized assets. Here is where we come in handy. EZOptimize helps you keep your images optimized without losing quality and without having to install additional packages!

Speed up your website

With optimized images your WordPress blog will become faster, have higher Google Pagespeed and rank better

Save time

Don't lose time optimizing something that can be automated

Keep the quality

Have all of the above while keeping your website visually appealing. Beautiful images with mint quality.

Optimize all WordPress images in just a few steps

Optimize all images in one click

Not satisfied? You can always revert all images to their original versions!

Automatic optimization of new images